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2WIN Transport Concept

More and more products have a height or stacking restriction for trailer transport. Also pallets with height of >150 cm cannot be stacked 2 high in conventional transport equipments. In addition, certain product cannot be loaded together due stacking / stowing constraints. All by all, this results in low truck utilization and significant cost per product item shipped.

The 2WIN double deck trailer is developed to offer the optimum transport for this kind of product. The 2WIN double deck trailers has two fixed loading decks of 183 cm. The source of the actual efficiency increase can be found on the lower deck. Due to a very low ground clearance and independent wheel suspension it is possible to load cargo between the wheels. Each trailer is equipped with a taillift and on-board electric handpallettruck in order to load / offload at the common used loading docks. With this taillift, the 2WIN double deck trailer is also capable to load / offload on street level.

The 2WIN double deck trailer has a capacity of up to 54 europallets or upto 40 industry pallets. This means that the 2WIN double deck trailer can load up to 63% more than the conventional transport equipment resulting in lower transport cost per pallet. Two 2WIN trailers can replace three conventional trailers resulting in a lower CO2 emission at least 40%.

With a 2WIN fleet of almost 150 trailers, Emons Cargo can offer a high quality One-Way service throughout Europe.

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Emons Cargo B.V. is a privately owned transport company of the Emons Group in Milsbeek – Holland. For more than two decades, Emons Cargo B.V. is the specialist in double deck transport. With a fleet of almost 150 2WIN double deck trailers, Emons Cargo B.V. is the market leader in offering double deck transport solution across Europe. A highly skilled team of employees is focused to deliver a cost effective, safe, secure, reliable and environmentally friendly transport service.

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